We all know what Chinese food is, right? Before coming to China, I figured it was ginger beef, sweet & sour pork, chicken chow mein, fried rice, spring rolls and insects & organs! Having travelled through China and lived here for 9 months, we’ve started to realize that the “Chinese food” in North America is definitely not the real thing.

Here’s a list of some of the interesting and delicious foods we’ve eaten in China:

1. Dumplings. I think we’ve literally eaten every style of dumpling possible: steamed, boiled, fried, stuffed with meat, stuffed with egg, stuffed with rice…all of which are amazing. We’re practically part dumpling now.

My favourite dumplings are from a hole-in-the-wall joint in Shanghai, yum!

2. Spicy Tofu. This delicious dish is one of our favourites. It’s cubed bits of soft tofu cooked in a spicy chili oil with garlic and hot peppers. Pour it over some rice and voila, dinner.

Spicy tofu, the perfect lunch or dinner item

3. Fried Pork Strips with Peppers & Onions. This is a very flavourful dish. All of the ingredients are fried together in a delicious thick sauce, again, served over rice makes for a perfect meal.

4. Fried Green Beans. We’ve eaten so many plates of these since being here! The green beans are fried up with garlic, salt, small pieces of pork and hot peppers.

One of our favourites. Fried green beans with spices, garlic, bits of pork and of course, salt

5. Fish. Lake fish are served whole and are either fried or poached. Typically served in a broth or in a sauce of some sort. You just pick away at the flesh with your chopsticks.

6. Duck. Beijing is known for its Peking Duck dish. This fowl is either served cold or hot.

7. Tofu Soup. This is a popular Yangzhou dish and my personal favourite! Strips of tofu are cooked in a salty delicious broth with beans and small shrimps.

Delicious Yangzhou style tofu soup…one of my favourite meals here!

8. Potatoes with Stewed Beef and Carrots. This northern favourite was also one of our wintertime faves. It’s so hearty and delicious and warmed us right to our core.

9. Cold Noodles. Egg noodles are served cold with chili oil, bits of tofu, garlic, cucumber, cilantro, peanuts and broccoli. The perfect summer dish.

Cold noodles are the perfect summer food here in China

10. Yangzhou Fried Rice. This delicious fried rice is different from the usual. Here in Yangzhou they add small shrimps, bbq’d pork bits,  green peas, eggs, garlic and scallions. So good.

In conclusion, there is no chicken chow mein or ginger beef in China! Well, I haven’t seen any, anywhere. But we were right about the organs and insects! The insects we’re not too keen on, but some of the organs and odd foods here are actually prepared quite nicely.

Who would’ve thought we’d like duck blood, cow tongue or stomach? Chinese food is definitely one of our favourites!

What is your favourite Chinese food? Which country do you think has the best food? Let us know below!



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